Monday, March 19, 2018

The Ready-to-Go 90-Day List Building Challenge

Everybody knows that the money is in the list!

So how big is yours?

Want to explode your list now?

Take our 90 Day List Building Challenge and Make it Happen!

Step-by-Step Hands-On Training

You will have a complete Profit Center within 30 Days

You will have a list of at least 1000 - 3000 subscribers within 90 days

Select your option below...

Basic Package

  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • 12 weekly training sessions
  • You will build a complete Profit Center within 30 days
  • Build your list to a minimum of 1000 to 3000 subscribers  within 90 days
  • Profit from your marketing activities as you grow your list
  • Get Facebook Ads for 2 cents or less


Complete Package

  • Includes the Basic Package
  • Includes a Ready-to-Go Power Blog
  • Includes your Facebook Page design
  • Includes a freebie giveaway item
  • Includes landing page, upsell and downsell pages and download pages
  • Includes autoresponder series
  • Includes content for content marketing
  • Includes 12 weekly training sessions


Only $7.00

Unbelievable Value

Good choice if you have your own hosting
and can produce your own content.

Only $37.00*

Includes Everything You Need

* If we host your blog, add $4.95 per month
(or save with $49.50 for an entire year)

Get started today -- start profiting!

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