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Niche Research

Entering a specific niche or micro-niche is a big undertaking.  Begin with market research and you won't go wrong easily.  If you are looking to enter a specific niche or micro-niche, or you want to consider several niche options, we can get the information you need to make informed marketing decisions.

Niche marketing research involves many different things.  The two biggest areas are keyword research and competition research.  We can't go into great detail here, but niche marketing begins with keyword discovery and analysis.  Once you know which keywords you need to dominate the Google search engine, we then move on to study your top 10 online  competitors to see what is needed to displace as many of them as possible in the search engine results.  You need to be in the top 10 search results for your best keywords to get better click through and conversion rates.

Keyword Discovery and Research

Keywords are the words and phrases people type into a search engine like Google to find what they are looking for.  Knowing exactly what users type into the search engines to find your business, products and services is the essence of Internet marketing.  Once you know what your potential customers are typing to find what they want, and you optimize your web site for those key words, you have a much better chance of streaming customers to your site and increasing your lead conversion rates.


How important is it to get on the first page of Google?  Over 70 percent of the clicks to web sites come from the front page of the Google search results.  Of those, over 50% of the clicks come from the first three listings.  If you are on page 2, 3 or 23000 of Google your changes of getting clicks is vastly reduced.

How do you get on the front page of Google?  The best route is SEO Optimization.  We can show you how to optimize your web site and we can get you to the front page within weeks, even days, in most cases.  How can we do that?  Because not that many people know about how to optimize their site to get the highest search engine results. 

There are millions of sites that get very few unique visitors and in effect, as a result, are dead sites.  These sites are only useful when you tell people about them yourself or put the URL on your business cards and stationery, and invoices. 

But what about attracting hordes of new customers on a regular basis?  If you want to push your web site to return the most value, get on page one of Google as fast as you can.  That's where we can help.  We can help you with keyword analysis and SEO optimization. 

Competition Research

The second major ingredient in online success is competition research.  This involves finding your top 10 online competitors and analyzing their web sites, the key words they use, and number, the source and the quality of their backlinks. 

Competition Research

We will help you find your competitors' weaknesses and exploit them to your advantage.  Without analyzing your competition, you can't hope to break into the top 10.  You need a solid strategy to follow and you need to research your competition to formulate it.

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