Monday, March 19, 2018

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SMS Lead Deluge teaches how to leverage SMS marketing to get hundreds, even thousands of prospects to your offer in no time flat. 98% of SMS messages are opened and read and I've got sources that are cheaper than you might think for lists and broadcasting, so jump on board, this will be a hot one! 

It's got great info for any time of year, but has a report and tools for last-minute Christmas sales.

See the sales page here!

The backend will be a hot sale because it's got to do with Christmas sales and is timed just right.

100% commission on the front-end and 50% on the initial backend product.

There is a second upsell that you get recurring commissions on:
It's SMS packages and you get paid every time a package is purchased from now to eternity!

I'm aiming for WSO of the Day!  Help me out and make a few thousand bucks in the process!


Richard Allen Golko

Sign up below and let me know you're in.
PI've got penty of sales materials coming Sunday 9th of December.

Sequential Swipes
And a Cool Video

I'll send you an email and post them here.

Thanks -- You Rock!


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