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Send up to 1 Million Targeted Opt-In Emails

for 3/10 cent per email!

Unbelievable value!  $17 per month membership gives you access, 
training and tons of support. I'll show you how to build this to
$10,000 per month profit in less than 3 months!
Lead Generation Mastermind Group
This WSO gives you expert training on how to set up and run targeted opt-in e-mail promotions that you can make
a ton of recurring income from. Campaigns are totally testable and scalable. Here’s a no bullshit explanation of
what you’re getting and what to expect.
I can’t say how much you’ll earn because I don’t know what you’re selling. I can give you figures based on a .5% (half a percent)
email response rate and a 5% conversion rate on those who respond to your initial offer.
Those rates are standard on the low end with a targeted list.
There are ways to improve those rates.
Once you have your sales funnel set (we can help) and you know what your conversion rates
and your profit margins are, you can determine how much you can spend on getting the customers in the first place.
Experiment with smaller lists to begin with, do some quick tests to see what works best,
and once you find it, roll it out however big you want.  
We will provide advanced training on how to do this.
You can market both offline and online products and services.  You can use it for lead generation,
list building, and for a complete product sales funnel. You’re going to supply the product or service,
I’m going to blast it out for you. Results will be tracked. You can email 10,000 or a million,
or anything in between: it’s up to you.  

Here’s How it Works

1) Buy this WSO and prepare your sales funnel.
2) Pick your email list (we can help)
3) Prepare one or a series of email messages (we can help)
3) Design an html email template (we can help), more if you want to split-test
4) Decide the start date and the frequency of the emails (we suggest 4 mailings, one every 2 days)
5) We execute the mailings on schedule
6) We track open rates, responses.  
You pay a fee for the list rental for 3 months plus the first mailing, and an additional fee for every additional mailing to the same list. 

Types of Lists

 Small Businesses and Professions
Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Offices
Medical Executives
Doctors and Surgeons
Consumer Lists (by State, interest, age, gender, income and more)
Canadian Business Lists


Target specific Demographics with Your Offer 

(age, gender, income level and more) 


Turnaround time for set up before actual mailing is within a few days of your order or any-time within the three months after you order the campaign. We will mail according to the schedule you set.

What Works Well With This?

1) Offline Products and Services: Use the advice of many of the recent WSOs on how to approach
small business owners through email. The methods are too many to list here. If you need help
with this just let me know through the Lead Generation Mastermind Facebook Group you get to
join for buying this WSO.
2) IM Products and Services: Try emailing consumers directly with your IM offer.
You can target people by age, gender, income level, interests, and more.
Find out what demographic is buying the product you want to sell
and Use those demographics to narrow down the cosumer list.
We can help.
3) Online Products and Services: Emailing specific demographics with content in the right format
and with the right subject mater is the number one way to get your email opened and read.  
Contact us at consult at to discuss your list selection.

Here’s a Sample E-Mail Campaign

Sample Bulk Email Campaign

Bulk Targeted Email Price List

 To be able to order email campaigns for 10,000 to 1 Million targeted opt-in emails, and have us manage it for you,
it will cost you $17 per month to join our Professional Lead Generation Mastermind Group.
You can run as many Campaigns as you want.
The cost of the membership is $17.00 per month. You will get awesome training through publications,
online content and live training sessions so you can get your sales funnel and your campaigns perfected.
Plus uou’ll get excellent customer support for that small fee, and you’ll have access to any
number of campaigns that you want to run.
If you need help with your email templates, landing pages, sales funnels or ad copy, we have services available
to help you but those things are not included in your Professional Lead Generation Matermind memership.
You can cancel the membership at any time. 
There are no guarantees or refunds.

Only 100 people will be allowed in at this time.


1) Membership to the Professional Lead Generation Mastermind Group on Facebook and Skype
-- network with individuals doing the same thing you are and share tips and experiences.  
Participate in regular training sessions and challenges.
2) The ability to purchase targeted email blasts from 10,000 to 1 million or anywhere in between,
to opt-in lists of business owners or consumers.
3) SMS marketing campaigns are available and you don't have your own list
-- we have over 11,000,000 opt-in SMS phone numbers. 
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Is there an OTO or UPSELL?

No upsell!  Nothing hidden!  Once you're a member, order your Blast Campaigns whenever you want.
The cost of the mailings is not included in this WSO of course.


Mind Numbing Profits:  Email Marketing Strategy

My Mind Numbing Profits:  the Octopus Marketing Attack Series, Email Marketing edition.
This WSO has a ton of great information on Email marketing, sales funnels and more.  
Value = $9.95 which was ridiculously cheap for this fantastic, couple hundred page, well-received WSO.


Q: Why should I do this instead of renting a list myself?
A: You get one-time usage rights when you rent a list. Our method of sending a 3-4 part sequential email to the same list would require renting their list 3-4 times. Then you have to hire a bulk email service and hope it's credible. We mail for you using cloud-based ultra-high delivery technology.  You can mail to the same list as often as you want over a 3 month period.

Can I target specific types of businesses like Auto Dealers or Pet Stores?
A: Yes, you can target specific business types and target consumers by demographics. Businesses and Consumers can also be targeted by State.

Do you have lists outside the U.S.?
A: We currently have lists for the United States and Canada for businesses and consumers.  We have an international (global) media executives list, but most of our lists are U.S. or Canadian based.  We're working on expanding our library.
Q: How current are the lists?
A: Lists are updated every few months. Some are updated monthly. Our Business Changes list is updated every month and contains new address and contact information for businesses that have moved or changed any of their vital information. This is a great list to contact for offline purposes because the normal markers don't have access to the new addresses that quick.
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